A brand new online publication in the family of TDNs is a fact

2012-11-26, 11:04
The newest member of the TravelDailyNews family, TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific, was officially launched in June this year, in a market in dire need of a news outlet exclusively designed to cover region-specific topics of interest for travel professionals. Region-specific interviews, articles, and market analysis, as well as destination guides are updated on a daily basis, and have been received with a lot of interest by readers, already generating a great number of daily reads, which could be compared to the other two industry leading TravelDailyNews websites, TravelDailyNews International and TravelDailyNews Greece & Cyprus.

Although some of the news focusing on the Asia-Pacific market could also be found on TravelDailyNews International as well, TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific is a travel and tourism news site fully independent from the other two websites and most of the Asia-related articles and news are online exclusively on TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific.

“We decided to move into Asia-Pacific as we believe that the dynamic of this market is unmatched around the world. We also think that there is still a lack of information with international insight in the region. Besides, there are loads of business opportunities between Asia and the rest of the world - not only in the travel sector - and we hope to make a considerable contribution to this growing market,” explained Theodore Koumelis, Managing Director.

Chief Editor of Asian Edition Luc Citrinot added: “We know that competition is tough in the market. But we hope that TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific insight will bring a different light to professionals about business opportunities in the region, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the market. We want to bring a clear and impartial view to anyone interested in travel news from this part of the world.”

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