Argo Travel expands into the Southeast Asia market through Travel Media Applications

2013-06-13, 06:14
Argo Travel group selected Travel Media Applications as its sale representative in order to expand its operations into Southeast Asia, establishing its base in Bangkok, Thailand. The company aims to develop inbound tourism in Greece, initially in the Thailand and Vietnam markets.

Argo Travel has an international presence in major markets including Athens, the headquarters of the group, London, Geneva and Shanghai. With the launch of the new office in Bangkok, its focus has expanded to a dynamic market with 600 million inhabitants.

Argo Travel and Travel Media Applications, which has been operating in the region since early 2012 with the publication of TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific, have joined forces in this effort.

Mr Diamantis Pithis, Manager of Argo Travel, spoke about the Board of Director’s decision to expand into Southeast Asia: “We have a great deal of faith in the development of inbound tourism in Greece, particularly from new and emerging markets. Thailand and Vietnam have populations of 68 million and 90 million respectively, which we feel are very promising and untapped markets for Greece. After our successful expansion into China in 2011, with the establishment of our office in Shanghai, the next natural step was to expand further into Southeast Asia in cooperation with Travel Media Applications, which is already operating successfully in the region. We chose Bangkok as our base because it is currently the most significant travel hub in Southeast Asia.”

“Today more than ever, with both economic and other crises plus competition on an international level, Greek travel companies are facing new, more demanding communication efforts and marketing activities. Following this trend, Argo Travel is targeting the Thailand market, in which 5,338,127 transatlantic trips were made in 2010, and Europe was the second most popular destination with 498,443 trips. Thailand has the 2nd largest GDP n Asia, while Vietnam is 6th. Greece, which is a country adored by the Thai and Vietnamese people, will definitely be able to successfully growing its inbound tourism,” said Mr Theodore Koumelis, founder of Travel Media Applications and the TravelDailyNews Media Network of tourism publications.

Stratis Voursoukis, Manager of Asia-Pacific Travel Media Applications with long-term experience in tour operating, has undertaken the administration of Argo Travel Asia-Pacific.

“Greece is an established and favourite destination for Thai and Vietnamese travellers. In recent years, the negative publicity our country has received has reduced the number of tourists from these countries. Nonetheless, the timing is now perfect for Greece to re-enter their list of destinations of choice. Our goal is to accurately communicate Greek tourism products to the markets in Southeast Asia, in collaboration with Argo Travel; new travel suggestions that will highlight Greece and offer unique experiences,” stated Mr Voursoukis.

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