Online advertising on a B2B news portal is part of the content. It’s not just a banner with a general advertising message. It’s a valuable information that communicates a business opportunity and possibly calls for an immediate action.

We constantly train our customers on how to take advantage of our promotional opportunities to share their messages to the target markets in order to find the business partners they are looking for.

On TravelDailyNews Media Network portals we have several options for direct and indirect advertising:

What do we offer?


We follow IAB’s Guidelines and Standards and we always try to conform to the latest trends in digital advertising. We provide the right mix of banner positions and sizes in customized packages on all TravelDailyNews in order to offer the best value-for-money solution to our customers.


With regular and well-planned Content Marketing Campaigns, using native content and advertorials, we offer value both to our customers and readers. Sharing the content to TDN accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter guarantees the enhanced visibility of the campaign.


Newsletters are a great way to contact directly your target market. We offer several options for newsletter advertising and email campaigns. With customized newsletters or through banners and text ads in our daily Newsletters we offer exposure, and at the same time we push our latest content campaigns.

Text Ads/Links

We use text ads and text links in very effective ways blended with our content, taking into consideration that we have to provide value for our readers as well as for our customers. Our news portals have high domain authority so a backlink to our customers’ websites contributes to their popularity.

10 Good reasons to advertise with us

If you are targeting travel industry you have some good reasons to entrust your promotion to us:

  1. Travel trade professionals and entrepreneurs of all sectors of the industry, travel managers, and business travelers across the globe keep up to date with us
  2. The biggest brands, NTOs, tourism organizations share their news to the world through TravelDailyNews Media Network
  3. The most famous educational institutes use our new as a reference, marketing & communication managers search through our archives to make their annual reports and sales managers find new leads
  4. We have a good rate of frequent visitors while new ones reach us every day through search engines
  5. We rate high in all search engines with many keywords (i.e. check “tourism exhibitions” and you will see that out of 3.000.000 results we are no.1 or “tourism news” where we are also no.1 out of 33.000.000 results ! )
  6. All major international trade events choose us as their media supporter – we are media supporters for almost 100 events annually
  7. Major news aggregators distribute our content
  8. Hundreds of websites and portals use our RSS feeds to enrich their content and offer an added value information to their visitors
  9. We distribute our content on the most important social media and our accounts have thousands of “followers” and “likes”.

All the above explain the continuous increase of our readership over the years.

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